Cultivation for Healing and Growth


Psalm 91 – Protection

Psalm 91 - for many the psalm of protection. But using it as a mantra while our lives are not devoted to Jesus actually doesn’t mean much. Three verses in this very powerful Psalm of Moses tells us that we need to be in the presence of God, dwelling in Him, loving Him...

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What Defines You?

What Defines you?    I am a child of God! Fearfully Wonderfully Made. Crowned With Glory and Honour! We are defined by so much pressure and expectation from others in this world. Are you the perfect wife/husband, the perfect mother/father, your financial status, your...

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Diamonds in the Making

 James 1:2 "Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds" D I A M O N D S I N T H E M A K I N G In this scripture James suggests that we should consider all our trials and tribulations with joy! We read it and we wonder - why would he say...

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Testimony – Brigitte Smith

This is a description of the journey taken by Brigitte Smith with her Abba Father here with us in her own words. (Published with her permission) Where was I before? Before arriving at Mishkan I was in a turmoil, on the verge of a breakdown. I...

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Emotional Healing Testimony

This is a testimony of a young lady who recently came to us for help. Our Father God really met her at her need and helped her towards the road to complete emotional wellness! A Song about me Again, I find myself at the foot of this mountain that I've...

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